Team Profile 2023


2023 Team Canada


Hello, I’m Zander Li, a rising 11th grader from Laurel Heights Secondary School. People call me gander sometimes because it means a male goose and it’s funny. I am a science enthusiast and a music enjoyer; I am also a big fan of sunshine and starlight.Passions: Math and science, going for walks, stargazing, chess, singing, EDMWhy I like astronomy: if Earth goes bust some day, we need astronomy knowledge to surviveFavorite constellation: Aries (totally not because it’s my zodiac sign)Looking forward to meeting other people in Poland, especially Frédéric Chopin 😀


I'm Debbie Wang, a rising 12th grader at White Oaks Secondary School. I love fashion, chickens, and myself.My favourite thing to do in astronomy is outreach. I'm a huge feminist, so seeing more diversity in astrophysics is particularly important to me. I spend most of my free time making travel plans. My dream is to travel to every country in the world (and space!).The Ring Nebula (M57) is my favorite astronomical object because it's pretty.IOAA's been a dream for a long time, and I can't wait to have a blast in Poland with my four favorite people!


Hi, I’m James Pu, a rising 12th grader from Markville Secondary School, Markham, Canada. You can also call me by my Chinese name Tian. I like astronomy, physics, math, music, and watching movies. My favorite part about astronomy is that we are able to learn so much about the universe just by looking around. I also really like the James Webb space telescope (I feel connected to the name). Last year I couldn’t go to IOAA because I got COVID.

This year I look forward to make up for the friend-making and experience! 😀


I'm Eleanor Liu, a rising 12th grader at Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada. I am the only West Coaster in the team! I like jewelry, galaxies, shiny things and birds.My favourite fun fact in astronomy is that all atoms were either created through nuclear fusion in stars or supernovae when stars explode. We come from stars and were once stardust, and I think this is really beautiful. I have never been to Europe before, so I look forward to traveling to Poland and solving interesting problems while making new friends!


Hi, I'm Alex Huang, a rising junior from Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada. You are also welcome to call me by my Chinese name Hongyi if you know the right pronunciation of it (just kidding). I like astronomy, math, soccer, and reading books.My favorite part about astronomy is that whenever you are looking at the stars you are also looking back at the distant history.Favorite Constellation: Orion, because it was one of the few constellations visible in China when I was a kid.Looking forward to visiting Poland because I love European countries.